Microsoft Surface: Definitely an iPad Killer, but it isn’t!

Months ago I’ve presented a seminar on Microsoft Surface. When I heard about the Microsoft’s big event depicting a BIG announcement, I was so keen to know what it was all about. And there I hear it’s a Surface, again! I was numb for a while wondering what was BIG in it, and then I searched for a picture of same and found no resemblance to the Surface once I knew. Instead it was an iPad killer, or should I say iPad murderer, certainly it will kick some ass for sure.

Moreover, the tabletop computing platform formerly known as “Microsoft Surface” was “rebranded” to Microsoft PixelSense, Now here is a wiki extract no what Surface actually sounds like.

Microsoft Surface is a line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Microsoft. The Surface will be available in two versions, one that runs Windows RT and one that runs Windows 8 operating systems. Microsoft has announced that different versions will be available featuring ARM and Intel CPUs and the display is a 10.6″, 16:9 widescreen HD Display (RT version), or Full HD Display (Pro version). The product was announced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at a Los Angeles event on June 18, 2012, at Milk Studios. As of June 19, 2012, no pricing or release date is available.

The Microsoft Surface line features VaporMg (pronounced as Vapor Mag), the molded magnesium casing that houses Surface’s components paired with a PVD finish, which is a manufacturing process that produces a durable finish. VaporMg allows magnesium to be melted down and molded to the details needed for Surface. Also included in both Surface models are a USB port, a micro-SD slot, and a magnetic strip to attach accessories such as the ‘Touch Cover’ and ‘Type Cover’. There are also two cameras, front-facing and rear-facing. The front-facing camera will be angled at 22 degrees to allow proper framing of another person while the “kickstand” is in use.

For the CPUs, the Surface with Windows RT will use an Nvidia ARM CPU. The Windows 8 Pro Surface will utilize an “Ivy Bridge” Core i5 quad core chip like the chips in current Windows laptops.

The Surface device demoed in the Microsoft Surface Events had a new connection port with 5 pins. This was acknowledged as a magnetic charging connector during Microsoft’s presentation event by Steve Sinofsky.

Microsoft will offer two keyboard covers for Surface: Touch Cover and Type Cover. Both, when folded up, serve as protective covers that connect to the Surface via a magnetic connector. When opened, the covers are keyboards. The Touch Cover is 3 mm in thickness and has a touch-sensitive keyboard. The Type Cover is thicker and includes a more traditional keyboard. Both also include a multitouch touchpad.

No shipping/availability date for the surface has been announced.

Microsoft has stated that “suggested retail pricing will be announced closer to availability and is expected to be competitive with a comparable ARM tablet or Intel Ultrabook-class PC. OEMs will have cost and feature parity on Windows 8 and Windows RT.”

It’s uncertain that Microsoft refused to answer about the availability and pricing of the product. But again if those details are out already before its commercial launch, it might give Apple and Google much time to undercut Surface. At least for now it’s a killer.

High resolution images and an introduction video of Microsoft Surface can be downloaded from here.